For Cohort based courses

Bring an edge to your cohort-based course with

Events & Calendar

Conduct events with ease, invite everyone, and grow your cohort with ease
Host event for your community and invite everyone

Live Session

Host live sessions for your cohort, have seminars or streaming, record the session, and more
Live session with recording

Poll or Quiz

Conduct opinion polls or multiple choice quizzes to improve cohort engagement
Poll or Opinion poll, increase community engagement
Group chat for more engaging discusion

Discussion or Group Chat

Give your cohort space to discuss ideas, topics, or full scale debate.

Gated Content

Create different groups for different batches or use cases
Gated content for different use case and different users

White Label Solution

Use your brand in your cohort, host it on your domain, config your email & more
Host community on your custom domain


Increase engagement with gamification, define points, assign badges and much more

User Management

Manage 1000 or lakhs of members with easy-to-use member portal, assign roles, invite users or remove users.
Manage community users from a advanced portal

White label mobile app

Get white label mobile app for your community
White Label community mobile app

Transfer your existing community

Already using a community platform? We'll migrate your users & community data over.

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