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Open Source

Pensil source code is on Github. Go ahead and make it your own! We are super excited to see what you build. 🚀

Get started in minutes

From sign-up to launching your own online community, or a cohort based course takes just a few minutes - no learning curve! ⏳

Flexible Integrations

Want to stick community forum inside your website? Or, sync your public feed or maybe something with webhooks? No Problemo! 😎

Different sections for different topics

Create as many different groups you want

✅ Public Groups
🔒 Private Groups
💰 Paid Groups

Casual chats and focused discussions

Have organised discussion or let it lose to chat... you decide as you like

💬 Comments
📎 Attachments
🔥 React with Emoji

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Face-to-face or just audio rooms

Start a class or just hang out with others, live or in private audio rooms

🔴 Go Live
📹 Record Live Session
🎤 Host Webinar

Video call, live call, live session, seminar, recording, webinar

Building an online community gives compounding returns over time.

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Learn how to build internet products with no-code

No-Code allows you to build a lot of cool internet apps without having to code.
From a simple website to a complex chatting app, a lot is possible with no-code tools.

We run a small community of no-code enthusiasts. Join if you want to learn more.

Join no-code community
Join no-code communty
Color of your choice, match branding, brand community

Direct your audience or students to your own custom domain!

Invite more members, address book

Invite members with either just a link or send them a custom invitation!

Media, images, videos, essay, podcasting, recording, live session

Easy to organize all your content - images, essays, videos, live recordings, podcast - all in one place.

Notification, get run time notification of things happening in the community

Easy to notify your members whenever you start a live or add some content. It's all automated!

Real time chat, group chat, share things with members

Whether chit-chat with online members or jumping into a video/audio room with select members. Real Time sections make it all possible.

What our users have been saying

"We use the Pensil platform to interlink all our rural libraries and also to connect city volunteers with students in villages in Rural Lucknow"

Anurag Trivedi

Shaan Foundation

"We are building a community for freelancers in the Middle East. Pensil provides a nice little place for us to come together."

Abed Mousley


"I love the platform, ❤️❤️.
All our students use Pensil for internal communication and academics.
It has been awesome working with the Pensil team".

Hetal Mundra

Somaiya Design School

"Love the slick minimalism and easy to use design on the community platform. It has everything one will need."

Jon Henson Grič


"I run UPSC cohorts on Pensil. It is different from other applications - it is more fun, connects everyone and lets us study together."

Abhijeet Yadav

Perlims Focus Group

"I like what i see. Pensil has neat sections for different topics and i can make them on my own. Plus in-built video tool is very useful"

Sheri Staffiery


"Pensil is super. We were looking to integrate with Circle based out of US but this made us change the game plan."

Karan Mehra

Tyke Invest

"I love Pensil, This is great. Good to see world class product coming from India. Keep growing"

Lalit Tyagi


Communities are the new classrooms!

We all loved (some of us at least!) going to school or college 'cz we got to meet and hang out with friends! Pensil is designed to do just that!👨👩

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