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Improve retention, growth and advocacy with the all-in-one community engagement platform

Designed for all use cases

From open discussion to gated content. Create different groups for all kind of use cases, like coaching, mentoring, courses, forums, live classes, etc.
Slack OR Discord OR Forum

Your Community. Your Branding.

Design your community to match your branding. Make it feel like your own product with complete customization & integration, including mobile app
Custom development

🔴 Live Sessions

Live video with recording within your community platform.

Immersive Experience

Conduct Live sessions or webinars, and get the best audio and video quality

Host Event with Live QnA

Invite hosts, moderators & get the best live experience for your community

Share your live recordings

Share or upload recording on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other platform

The Whole Package

Right tools to strengthen your community

SEO Optimised Content

Rank higher in google search result with SEO optimized content


Engage community with karma points, badges, milestones, etc.

Dedicated Servers

Scale as you grow with a dedicated server for community of any size

Embed Custom Pages

Add your website, e-commerce page, or anything with a simple script

Bunch of Integration

Plug in with other tools which you are already using and bring the best of both the world


Won't it be great if you could just send a newsletter from your community, well its almost here

"Pensil is super. We were looking to integrate with Circle based out of US but this made us change the game plan."

Karan from Tyke
Karan Mehra
CEO at TykeInvest

Mobile app for your community

Get a complete, custom branded app for your community & give your community the experience they deserve.
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Made For Developers, By Developers

From easy integrations to deploying your own front end, we have everything you need to get started. Integrate with our SDKs. Some SDKs may require some additional configuration through your Dev Portal.

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Integrate with your product with SDK and APIs

What our users have been saying

"We use the Pensil platform to interlink all our rural libraries and also to connect city volunteers with students in villages in Rural Lucknow"


Anurag Trivedi

Shaan Foundation

"We are building a community for freelancers in the Middle East. Pensil provides a nice little place for us to come together."


Abed Mousley

"I love the platform, ❤️❤️.
All our students use Pensil for internal communication and academics.
It has been awesome working with the Pensil team".


Hetal Mundra

Somaiya Design School

"Love the slick minimalism and easy to use design on the community platform. It has everything one will need."


Jon Henson Grič


"I run UPSC cohorts on Pensil. It is different from other applications - it is more fun, connects everyone and lets us study together."


Abhijeet Yadav

Perlims Focus Group

"I like what i see. Pensil has neat sections for different topics and i can make them on my own. Plus in-built video tool is very useful"


Sheri Staffiery

"Pensil is super. We were looking to integrate with Circle based out of US but this made us change the game plan."

Karan from Tyke

Karan Mehra

Tyke Invest

"I love Pensil, This is great. Good to see world class product coming from India. Keep growing"


Lalit Tyagi

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