A super simple way to launch your online community, in minutes.

Whether you need to start a paid cohort-based course, or host a live webinar, or maybe you just want to bring your members together. All this and much more is possible with Pensil!

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Your own brand & styling

White-label, custom domain, style themes - everything you need to personalize according to your brand.

Monetize your knowledge

Launch your paid course on Pensil, Invite members, and that's it! Payments, Analytics are all in there.

Record live sessions

You can choose to record your live events and make it public (or private) for others to view later.

Send custom newsletters

Manage newsletters or notify members about new event without hassle of third-party marketing services.

Host it on your own server

Pensil community platform is open source. You can repo it from Github and build on top of it.
If you face any issue or need consulting, hit us up!

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Use the latest version,

Pensil engineers are constantly developing new exciting features. Get started quickly, only takes 30 sec to start a community.

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Integrate with Webflow

Add a community to your website

If you are building your website on webflow, you can embed Pensil community with just copy-paste of three lines of code.

Automate with zapier, integration with zapier

If this happens, do that!

Want to trigger an automated email when someone downloads a document from your community? Or maybe create a post in the community from your RSS feed!

Integration with notion

Your feeds on your document

Bringing your Pensil timeline feed on to your Notion document by just copy-pasting a link. Works amazing for Notion collaborations.

Integrate with WIX,

Plug your community in your Wix website

Building a new online store or a website on Wix? You can bring your potential customers together on Pensil - integration is easy-peasy.

Airtable, Integrate with airtable

All you database seamlessly available

If you have a database in Airtable, you can integrate it with Pensil and use it the way you want!

Everything you'd need to launch and manage your community!

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Features designed to help you do what you love


Integrate your community forum with your own website, or product. No Code.

Go Live + Recording

Pensil provides an in-built video call feature. Hosting live events is super easy and you can store the recording for future reference.

Mobile responsive

Pensil webapp is optimized for mobile web. In case you don't want to download the mobile apps.

Open Source

Pensil is open source. You can always build on top of it. :)

Safe and secure

All data on the Pensil platform is encrypted and store in secured servers.

Android and iOS Apps

Pensil community platform is available in both Google Playstore and Google Appstore.

Set up payments

Collecting and tracking subscriber payments is super easy. Money directly to your account.

Best customer support

Pensil support is available 24/7 via email or phone or Zoom or Google Meets. Whatever works for you.

Connect other apps

Connect third-party apps like Zappier, Memberstack, Airtable with ease.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Community forum

Level up your internal discussion forum

Pensil is designed to provide full privacy for private discussion as well as an open space for public conversations

Invite members with just a link

Works for a variety of usecases

Get online in under a minute