What’s new in Pensil: September 2022

Can’t believe it’s almost October (3 months till 2023.)— September flew by, chock-full of fixes, squashed bugs, Launched Unsplash directory, and our noses to the grindstone on a couple of major features. Let’s check out what’s new.

Post editor is now updated with a new sleek look with a less cluttered area. New update includes

Post editor is now updated with a new sleek look with a less cluttered area
  • Adding gif in your post
  • Option to create a post from the home feed by selecting the section

@username of your choice

@username of your choice

Users can now change their username from their profile.

  • Go to profile
  • Click on edit profile next to profile picture
  • Enter the username of your choice in the username field
  • Look for green tick or Red Cross to check the availability of the username. If the username is already taken, try some other username and wait for the green tick above the field
  • Save changes

Other members can now tag you with this username. You can check member's username by clicking on their profile icon and see the username below their profile name.

Unsplash directory for your community banner

Unsplash directory for your community banner

Now select beautiful banners for your community from unsplash directly

  • Go to Edit Banner on the home
  • Click on search image in the banner area
  • Search for the topic you want the image for & explore through unsplash images
  • Select any image
  • Crop image accordingly
  • Save Banner

Change default country code for your members

Change default country code for your members

Set your own country code for your "login via mobile number" page. By default +91 is set which is for India. If majority of user is from certain part of world, you can change the country code to your choice from settings

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Community experience
  • Look for advanced configurable
  • Select country code from drop down
  • Click update button

Once changed your community will see the new country code as default option and user select other country code if needed.

Small Fixes / Improvements

  • Members invited to group are directly are now added to that group once joining the community
  • Sign up & country code in the mobile app is now linked directly to your community, change them in the web app and they will be updated in the mobile app without new release
  • See user info next to their name in the group member list
  • Members can send a request to join private section
  • Reduced the heading of the post title in the trending post widget to balance the design
  • Cover picture is now edge to edge in the post. Removed the whitespace around it
  • Fixed mobile app notification issue. Now mobile app is sending the relevant push notification on the phone

Coming soon in October

  • Customization of your posts
  • Emoji reaction to your post
  • Community-Wide search
  • Multi-Language support
  • Option to change the font for the community

P.S. We all know it’s hard to imagine a world without 🙏, 😂, and ❤️. As we continue to spend more time in online spaces, emoji have been critical in bridging the gaps between face-to-face and virtual communication

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