What’s new in Pensil: July 2022

This month, we’re focused on extensibility—from new ways to power up your community using analytics, to a partnership with Hitesh Choudhary, where we are also building the largest coder community in the country. Educators creators, and now more community builders will be able to build, engage, and manage however works best for them. Read on to learn more.

Stay in the flow with Pensil Community Analytics (Beta)

Pensil now gives you visibility on the health and growth of your community­. Analytics give you a complex, yet easy-to-use, perspective on how your community functions, so you can continue to tailor your experience to best fit with what your members want.

Manage Your Community Email Notifications

Community members can now select notification preference for the community email. Members can select which group or section they want to keep a close eye on. They can pick notification from

  • When anyone posts in that section
  • Only when admin post in that section (important)
  • Never / mute

P.S. Spam is not funny

Structure and customize your community view

Gallery view is a special type of view which represents your records as large cards. In particular, gallery view highlights your content, attachments, images, documents, and more. Use it to organize your courses, posts etc.

Start building with our new API documentation

Simplifying how you build on top of Pensil is core to making Pensil extensible. Developers can find the information they’re looking for with our newly redesigned API documentation. Changes include:

  • A new navigation experience
  • Improved resource organization
  • Code blocks that you can copy
  • New code samples and guides

Check out our API documentation to get started with your own integrations.

Empowering the next generation of Educators

Making Pensil accessible to all means empowering everyone to Learn and build, whether they're seasoned coders or just getting started. To that end, we launched a first-of-its-kind partnership with Hitesh Choudhary, we are also building the largest coder community in the country.

Check out codercommunity.io More news coming soon.


For even more detailed improvements, make sure to check out the release notes. And if you have any other feature requests, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share with us on Twitter or in the Pensil Support Forum.

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