What's new in Pensil : January 2023

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Last month we had some of our biggest releases from online courses, custom push notifications, highlighting posts and many more.

This month, we are bringing some new updates focused on making improvements to existing features and fixing several crucial bugs.

Poll Result

Poll Result in Community

Check out the poll result by clicking on the “view results” in the post. Users who conducts the poll can check out the results with the details like which user voted for which option.

Notification Controller

Notification Controller

As an admin, you can set which section to open for notification or which section to mute.

  1. Go to the Section settings by editing the section
  2. Choose whether to send an email notification or a push notification from the section.
  3. If both options are disabled, this section will not send any notifications for any new post.

Section default preference

When either email and push notification or both are enabled, you can also pick a default setting that users auto-subscribe to when joining the group or section. All, only admin or none.

Insert a Button into the Post

Custom button in community

While creating the post, add a Custom button and link to any URL you want.

How to Insert a button in the post

1. Create new post
2. Click on rectangle with “Btn” written on it in the bottom bar next to GIF
3. Add the button title like Join, Read more etc

4. Select the button position, after or before description

5. Enter the URL (please add https:// in the link)

6. Create post

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Now in Beta : User Registration using web3auth

Web3 Auth in Community

We have released beta version of user authentication using Web3auth. Community building for the Web-3 product can use this method. Or if you want your users to register with their wallet, you can also use this. This is not available directly on the live version. You can reach out to us to enable this on anil@pensil.in

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⛏️⛏️Small Improvements

Gif image size in comment & reply - We have reduced the gif size in the comment and reply to 250px, earlier it was too huge in proportion to the rest of the content

Video player's size has been increased to 16:9

Reordering groups and sections: The logic for reordering groups and sections has been changed to re-indexing rather than swapping places, so dragging any lower group to the top no longer swaps places; instead, it moves the rest of the group down and places the dragged group at the top.


✂Other minor Fixes

  • Profile pages now opens on the same page
  • Reduced compression on the community banner to improve the quality of the banner image. To use this you'll need to re-upload the high quality image.
  • If members doesn't have the permission to post in the section, section shows a small remark on the top of the section informing user about the status.
  • Event name changed to calendar for the community event calendar
  • Login and Sign up screen now separately says their respective title instead of Get started


⏭️⏭️Coming Next

  • Realtime updates
  • Zoom Integration
  • Re-size post height
  • Scheduling post

Start adding using these new update in your community, incase of any issue or feedback, join our community at team.pensil.in or reach out to us at support@pensil.in

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