What you can create on Pensil ?

Pensil is an integrable and easy-to-use platform for running and managing online communities, cohort-based courses, and discussion forums.

With Pensil, you’ll find a new home for your online community that provides a satisfying user experience while still driving sales.

The platform offers different sections for different topics—and you can create as many as you want!

Add public and private sections, live sessions and recordings, real-time group chats, direct messages, and more, all on a white-label interface.

You’ll also be able to label different sections for announcements, upcoming events, or even specific themes.

Easily navigate between community discussion sections separated into individual topics.

Pensil gives you the freedom to host many types of conversations through both post-oriented and chat-oriented sections.

You can use the built-in video call features for face-to-face interactions, or have audio-only rooms.

Plus, you’ll be able to decide if chats should be private or live—all recorded live calls will be available instantly to users after the session ends.

Take engagement a step further by running a webinar or a podcast for community members.

Chat in real-time with groups or have one-on-one messaging with individual members!

Pensil allows you to host everything from organized discussions to a freeform chat.

You can engage with other users in focused discussions, or encourage playful conversations with emoji and GIF reactions.

Use the platform’s file sharing and attachment options to keep the whole group in the loop through both real-time chat and one-on-one direct messaging.

Best of all, you can set your preferences to receive automatic notifications for new posts and comments, so you never miss a thing!

Go live with the click of a button and record sessions so users can listen again later!

Pensil gives you the opportunity to integrate community forums into your website or sync public feeds through webhooks.

Make someone feel extra welcome with a custom invite, or send members a simple link!

And for those seeking a revenue-based community, you can offer paid spaces using Pensil’s easy payment collection system for web, Android, or iOS applications.

Increase engagement by taking your community mobile on Android and iOS Apps.

When you’re connecting online communities, the last thing you need is to lose members across different platforms. ("Uh-oh, the Slack community and the Discord community are now at war.")

Pensil gives you everything you need to host virtual events, educational classes, and micro-schools, so you can grow your audience and boost your bottom line.

Unlock the power of communities.

Finding examples from other community builders is a great way to get inspired.

Here are more great examples from your fellow community builders:

  • Developer Community - Recognize software experts and grow your advocate

Coder community

Google developer community

  • Cohort courses / LMS - Recognize platform experts and grow your advocates, Prevent student churn and sell more, Stand out by adding an immersive community experience to your course. Help your students connect with each other, and improve student-outcomes. Integrate with your favorite course platform, or run it all on Pensil

Write of passage School


  • Brands & startup communities - Building an engaged community is a super power for any brand. Integrate your community directly into your product or website


  • Peer to peer communities - Build deep relationships with your customers, help them connect with each other. Get product feedback, reduce customer support inbound, and build advocates for life


  • Coaching communities - Provide a dedicated home for your coaching clients, with group coaching calls, resources, live chat and a place for your clients to work with you on your terms

Building a second brain

  • Membership - Pensil offers the flexibility to create a membership experience that's truly yours. Ideal for subscription, gated exclusive content, premium masterminds, paid newsletters, and more


  • Community for Online store - Achieve customer delight and drive more traffic, Publication or blog - Share exclusive private content with your community, Service marketplace - Increase customer retention and foster advocates


  • Clubs & organizations/ Creators- Bring your people together to organize, share ideas, run events, and collaborate.

Forget about working with HTML/CSS, IFrames, and Javascript. Use our integration tools to get your embeddable community up and running in minutes.

To make this whole community thing work and support your product, you need to build what we call a community platform.

Your community platform is the encapsulation of all your content across platforms, your products, your services, etc.

It's everything you've made, everything you offer, the way you show up online, and all the systems supporting you.

As you build and develop your community platform, you're creating a flywheel for your entire business.

Go forth, community builder.

Do let us know what community you’re planning to build / if you’re already running an existing community let us know how you are growing your community?

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