The Best White Label Community Software (2024)

Online communities are powerful tools for businesses in the digital age. They enable businesses to connect with their customers, collect valuable feedback, and market their products or services. However, creating an online community from scratch can be time-consuming, costly, and technically challenging. That's why many businesses opt for white label community platforms, which are ready-made, customizable, and branded solutions for building online communities. In this article, we will explore what white label community platforms are, how they work, and what benefits they offer for businesses and community members alike.

What is white label community software?

To begin, let's clarify the concept of "white label community software" or "white label community platform."

These phrases describe software developed by a company that can be rebranded and customized to give the appearance of being your own.

Using white label community software provides creators with an opportunity to work more efficiently. It allows for the creation of a dedicated virtual space for a community with shared interests, fostering connections among its members.

The significant advantage is that it eliminates the challenges associated with building a community platform from the ground up. This makes white label community platforms an ideal solution for those who want to establish a community under their brand without the substantial costs and time commitment required for creating and maintaining a custom-built app.

If you're considering a white label community app for your online community, the next step involves determining which platform aligns best with your needs and the preferences of your followers.

How to choose the best white label community software

An online community is a virtual space where your members can interact with each other, share their interests, learn new skills, and build meaningful relationships. An online community can also help you grow your brand, increase customer loyalty, and generate revenue.

But not all online community platforms are the same. Some may not understand the true value of community and may limit your options and flexibility. That's why you need to choose a white label community platform that allows you to create a customized and engaging community under your own brand.

A white label community platform is a software solution that you can rebrand and modify to suit your needs and preferences. You can change the logo, color scheme, layout, features, and functionality of your community platform to match your brand identity and values.

Here are some of the key features you should look for in a white label community platform:

  • Easy community management: You should be able to manage your community with ease, from creating subgroups, to charging for memberships and subscriptions. You should also be able to moderate your community, set rules and guidelines, and monitor your community's performance and behavior.
  • Exclusive multimedia content: You should be able to publish various types of exclusive multimedia content, such as polls, live video, online courses, and more. You should also be able to integrate with other tools and platforms that you use, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Live event options and live streaming: You should be able to host live events and live streams for your community, and invite hosts, moderators, and guests. You should also be able to record and share your live sessions with your community or on other platforms.
  • Robust, native mobile app: You should be able to offer your community a strong, native mobile app that works on iOS and Android devices. Your members should be able to access your community anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a smooth and seamless user experience.

Next, we're going to explore some of the best white label community software that meets some or all of these criteria.

1. Pensil

Pensil is the best white-label community platform for anyone who wants to create an engaging, branded, and scalable online community.

Unlike other community platforms, Pensil offers a unique combination of features and benefits that make it stand out from the crowd, such as:

  • Customization: You can design your community to match your branding and style, with complete control over the look and feel, domain name, logo, and colors. You can also create different groups for various use cases, such as coaching, mentoring, courses, forums, live classes, etc. Other platforms either offer limited customization options or require coding skills to customize your community.
  • Live sessions: You can conduct live sessions or webinars with your community members, and get the best audio and video quality. You can also invite hosts, moderators, and guests, and interact with your audience through live Q&A, polls, and chat. You can also share or upload your recordings on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Other platforms either do not support live sessions or charge extra fees for them.
  • Gamification: You can increase engagement and retention in your community by rewarding your members with karma points, badges, milestones, and leaderboards. You can also create challenges, quizzes, and surveys to keep your members motivated and interested. Other platforms either do not offer gamification features or have limited options for them.
  • Integration: You can plug in with other tools that you are already using, such as Zapier, Stripe, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc. You can also embed your website, e-commerce page, or any other custom page with a simple script. Other platforms either do not support integration or have limited compatibility with other tools.
  • Mobile app: You can get a complete, custom-branded app for your community, and give your members the best mobile experience. You can also send personalized notifications, messages, and emails to your members, and keep them updated on your community activities. Other platforms either do not offer a mobile app or charge extra fees for it.
  • Support: You can get dedicated support from the Pensil team, who will help you set up, launch, and grow your community. You can also access the documentation, tutorials, and FAQs to learn more about the platform and its features. Other platforms either do not offer support or have poor customer service.

Pensil is the only all-in-one, white-labeled, developer-friendly community platform that you need to create a successful online community. Whether you want to improve retention, growth, or advocacy, Pensil has the solution for you. Book a demo today and see for yourself

2. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a platform that allows you to create and manage your own online community, courses, and memberships. It includes features such as content and a dynamic feed, member profiles, conversations, and comments, sharing to social media, articles, polls, questions, and posts, events, direct messaging between members, and more. You can also customize your community to match your branding, integrate with other tools, conduct live sessions, gamify your content, and get a mobile app for your community.

However, it is not without its flaws. Some of the drawbacks of using Mighty Networks are:

  • It can be somewhat complex to set up your Mighty Network, especially if you are not tech-savvy or familiar with the platform.
  • There are limitations to design and customization options, which can make your community look generic or unappealing .
  • The learning curve can be a problem for some users, who might find it hard to navigate the platform or use its features .
  • It lacks some educational features, such as payment plans, PayPal integration, and multiple currencies, which can affect your ability to sell your courses or memberships.
  • It has poor customer service, which can leave you frustrated or unsatisfied if you encounter any issues or need any help .

These disadvantages can make Mighty Networks an inferior choice for building your online community, as it can limit your potential, creativity, and profitability. You might want to consider other alternatives that offer more flexibility, functionality, and support for your community.

On Mighty Pro, you’ll be able to publish a variety of content to help jumpstart conversations within your community.

3. Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums is a white label community platform targeted to big brands and organizations that want to increase advocacy and strengthen brand loyalty. With Vanilla Forums, there are a ton of ways for creators to manage their community and engage their members.

A straightforward way to maintain your community

Vanilla Forums lets creators publish rich content with text, embedded images, and videos. It also allows hosts and members to form public and private subgroups, managed by either moderators or the members themselves. Users can also post questions and polls.

Limited possibilities for content

Vanilla Forums offers a decent amount in the way of letting users connect with each other, but in the end it’s mostly just, well, a forum. Your members will be able to get in touch with each other in a variety of ways, but not much else.

Additionally, because Vanilla Forums was built with big brands in mind, there’s no real way to  scale into offering membership subscriptions or online courses. Meaning, if you want to expand your community, or monetize it, you’ll have to start from scratch elsewhere.

4. Circle

The website for Circle exudes a sense of tranquility and organization. However, the platform’s straightforward design doesn’t diminish the strength of its feature set.

With a unique domain name, Circle makes building your brand-specific community simple. Wikis, forums, FAQs, Q&As, and app connections may all be added rapidly. There is a mobile app to ensure that your community can always stay connected.

  • Circle has a clear and minimalistic user interface so your members will find it easy to navigate.
  • Circle has excellent integration capabilities and will work well with your existing Teachable online courses, if you have them. Circle has their own community which is a great source of guidance and support on how to use their platform.
The cons
  • Circle doesn’t offer a white-labelled app, which means your brand will not get the exposure of being in the app store.
  • Circle isn’t available on Android, so a large portion of your members are excluded.
  • Circle is not a complete solution – you will likely still need to pay for further tools and integrate them. For example, while it is possible to create a basic course on Circle through posts, most users choose to host their courses on Teachable and integrate for better functionality.
  • You are not able to manage your community from the mobile app, instead the experience that you get as a community host is pretty much the same as your members. This makes it tricky if you are looking to do some of your admin on the go

5. Disciple

Disciple, a UK-based white label community app, offers a fully-branded platform where creators can grow, engage and monetize their communities. Disciple gives its users a lot of free reign when it comes to customization and member management, but its content options are a bit limited.

Lots of ways to manage your community

With Disciple, you can bring your members together with a variety of content, including multimedia posts, live streaming, and more. The white label community app also allows creators to create groups and monitor members’ activity, and offers the ability to generate revenue from subscriptions and paid community access.

Limited content possibilities

Disciple is a fairly well-rounded white label community app. But the app itself is only available at Disciple’s highest tier. And the highest tier is pricey.

In other words, you have to choose between an affordable tier, with no app access at all, or a more expensive subscription that may have more features than you need. It can be a tough choice to make, especially for people who are starting their community from scratch, or are focusing on a smaller, dedicated group.

And while Disciple does let you charge for subscriptions, the platform doesn’t let you offer online courses at all. That’s a missed opportunity: Creating an online course is a high value way to keep your members excited, and get them closer to their shared goals.

Ready to start?

Compared to the competition, Pensil is the only white-label community platform that has it all.

Pensil is more than just a white label community platform. It is a complete solution for creating, managing, and growing your online community.

Whether you want to offer coaching, mentoring, courses, forums, live classes, or any other type of community, Pensil has the features and flexibility to suit your needs. You can customize your community to match your branding, integrate with other tools, conduct live sessions, gamify your content, and get a mobile app for your community.

Plus, you can get dedicated support from the Pensil team, who will help you every step of the way.

Don’t settle for less than the best.

Try Pensil today and see why it is the best white label community platform on the market. Book a demo now and get started with your own online community.

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