Simplify communication with Pensil emoji reactions 😯 🌏 🌬 Β» πŸ€”

We all know it’s hard to imagine a world without πŸ™, πŸ˜‚, and ❀️. As we continue to spend more time in online spaces, emoji have been critical in bridging the gaps between face-to-face and virtual communication

Emoji are a spin on common emoticons. In Pensil, emoji are both fun and helpful for conveying your message without much effort – use them to enhance your messages or add emoji reactions to respond quickly to messages. Let's get into how you you can make the most of 😯 🌏 🌬 Β» πŸ€” 🌏 βš— πŸ”­ πŸ”¬; 🚫 🌬, πŸ’¨ βœ”οΈ

Personalize your sections with emojis

We now let you set human-readable names and emojis for your sections Β πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

When editing or creating a space, click on the hashtag icon next to the space name to pop open the emoji picker and select one that fits the mood of the section.

Personalize your sections with emojis

Emoji react to comments

A look. A shrug. A thumbs up. Sometimes you don’t need words to get your points across, but a quick emoji can let your community folks know that you πŸ‘ agree with their feedback, πŸ‘€ read their plan, or βœ”οΈ completed a task. To add an emoji reaction to a comment:

  • Click or tap the new πŸ™‚ button at the bottom left of the comment
  • Spend a little too much time finding the perfect emoji to react with
Emoji react to comments


Add emoji to your messages OR React to a message with emoji

An emoji reaction can often replace the need for a follow-up message. You can hover over or tap and hold reactions in a conversation to see who added them.

Now you can keep up with emoji responses to my messages.

React to a message with emoji

Let's say it with a :)


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