Era of online community

An online community is a collection of individuals who join together with the same objective of exploring, overcoming, or understanding a similar goal, hobby, or concept. Online communities are frequently headed by a central figure who, in turn, brings together suitable people to learn something new together. Almost any topic can be utilized to establish an online community, as long as it brings people together.

Online communities are special in that they allow individuals to connect with one another regardless of where they are. Because individuals are wired to build genuine relationships with one another.

The network effect occurs when a new individual joins and adds value to the community, the brand, and its members.

Don't mistake community for!

  • Your social media or content marketing posts will NOT be reposted by a community.
  • A community is more than just an email list.
  • A community does not provide external links and then ask, "What do you think?" You're putting the burden on your members without taking the time to explain why it's vital (as the creator, you need to do the work for them).

Building an Online Community

Online community building is the process through which an online community develops relationships, contributions, and sharing among its members. An online community is about more than just its members; it is also about the environment. A communal space should energize members and make them feel appreciated.

The finest online communities are based on specialized community platforms that make it simple for builders to create a visually appealing environment and bring members together to communicate with one another. Pensil provides a complete customizable community platform that's provide users with a variety of opportunities to communicate and build relationships, ranging from polls and direct messaging to live events and online courses.

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Importance of building an Online Community

An online community is the most effective approach to bringing people together to learn about a subject that is relevant or interesting to them. An online community is the single most successful tool for members to learn new skills, reinforce habits, and accomplish outcomes and change that would be impossible to attain on their own.

Online communities are also the ideal approach for small and medium-sized enterprises to learn about what their consumers want and are inspired by.


Because online communities are not constrained by real-world constraints such as geography or timezone, there is frequently a wider range of members who join together to master something fascinating or significant.

Small and medium-sized business owners find online forums extremely useful for learning more about their target customer, which helps define new product iterations and brand strategies.

An online community's support also serves to motivate and inspire individuals to acquire a new skill, form a new habit, or learn a topic they haven't been able to grasp on their own. Members are also moving more swiftly and forming significant, long-term relationships along the way.

Types of Online Community

An online community gives concentration in a world full of distractions where everyone is too busy to learn anything new. Members can concentrate their efforts on learning something new together.

Because online communities are not constrained by real-world constraints such as geography or timezone, there is typically a wider range of members who join together to build real and deep connections.

They get to work together to acquire a new skill or develop a new habit, such as sticking to a new fitness program. Online forums are the single best method to delve deeply into a topic and emerge with actionable results. The online community provides accountability and support that you won't find any where else.

One of the most significant advantages of an online community is the chance to share your expertise with other community members. This might happen on message boards or during live events. However, it might also be through course instruction.

Online communities are also one of the finest places to monetise your following or content; you'll earn more per follower than on any other online platform.

If you're a business, an online community is the single most effective approach to quickly understand what your consumers care about, what piques their interest, and what they want from you in order to stay involved and committed.

Another intriguing development is the rise of a new form of online community: one in which members are "mastering" a topic together. Online communities and online courses are combined in this paradigm to provide a more organized curriculum that a group of individuals may complete together. Mastermind groups, coaching communities, online brand communities, and shared purpose communities are examples of successful online communities.

Among the various sorts of online communities are those centered on:

  • A subject, interest, passion, or objective.
  • A common identity, such as new motherhood or being an expat.
  • A common fondness for a specific person, book, television show, or sports team.
  • A common locality, such as a neighborhood or university.

In the End

Many people believe that online groups have hundreds or thousands of members. This may have been true in the period of online forums, which served as a forerunner to today's considerably more complex online communities.

An online communities may begin with as few as 20 people and can grow on to become huge but the focus should be to develop deeper, lasting relationships.

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