An upgrade to the Pensil editor

Today, we’re introducing a more powerful editor. So the next time you hop on to create a new post you may notice a new layout when drafting posts but will experience no loss of functionality.

We know that an editor is an important tool for creators. As with everything at Pensil, we aim to build both with and for creators. If you run into any issues or have suggestions, please let us know in the comments or by messaging our support team

How to Insert a button in the post

  1. Go ahead to create a new post
  2. Click on the rectangle with “Btn” written on it in the bottom bar next to GIF

This editing box (Create a button) will pop up 👇

Here you re-word the text that appears on the button

  1. Add the button title like Join, Read more, etc
  2. Select the button position, after or before the description
  3. Enter the URL (please add https:// in the link)
  4. Create post & you're set to go

This is your new button ( but you can't preview sadly ) :

Go ahead and see how fun it is to SMASH IT NOW! 😂

P.S. This option allows you to customize both the text and the URL link of the button.

Why Customize Call To Action Buttons in your Pensil Community?

Copywriting is important. Getting your community members to subscribe depends on a bunch of different things. Great content, nice graphics, and page layout.

But the Call to Action (Learn more, Subscribe now, Leave a comment, share this post) button wording has a psychological effect on whether a reader will be persuaded to give them your email address in exchange for your weekly newsletters.

Let’s face it. They probably didn’t wake up this morning, log into their laptop and actively search for “cute pet stories community”. So we want to give them a nudge. Capitalizing the “now” to “Now” would be an improvement and increase conversions!

Some Wording Ideas to try. Test them yourself to see what works best for your audience:

  • Free? I’m In
  • Join 5091 Subscribers
  • Get Instant Access Free Today
  • Let Me In!
  • I’m In >>
  • Get the Bonus - Sign up Today Only
  • I Can’t Wait
  • Get It Now
  • Enjoying this? Subscribe here for more awesome stuff.
  • Unsubscribe Anytime - No Hard Feelings
  • Try It
  • Let’s Do It
  • Join Community
  • Send it to me!
  • Sign Up and Get The Book for Free
  • Smash It
  • Join 4322 smart subscribers ( Everyone wants to be smart ofc!! )
  • Join The Crazy/Smart Ones
  • Don’t Miss the Next One
  • Free in Your Inbox each Friday
  • Start Today
  • Member Sign Up
  • Start
  • Build
  • Join
  • Learn
  • Discover
  • Guaranteed or Opt-Out
  • Try it for a month - Free for life
  • Yes, sign me up
  • We Hate Spam Too!
  • Get priority access
  • Get Started
  • Do You Believe in Karma?

Let’s create beautiful custom buttons

A nice way to spice up 🌶️ your community is to add buttons in your posts.

Links are great, but sometimes you want to stand out more and put that extra little polish on a post.

In those scenarios, you can create buttons using custom code.

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