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Trainer & Content Manager

Full Time
Pune, Maharashtra, India

SkillSphere Education is a Mumbai based skill set development and knowledge enhancement organization with a simple motto – ‘Refining skills, defining futures…’. Through a plethora of programmes, online initiatives and other endeavours, the organization’s main objectives are to develop essential life skills among individuals of all ages, increase their general and global awareness, improve public speaking and communication skills, and most importantly, assist individuals in gaining the confidence to uninhibitedly express their views and display their talents.

About The Job

We want to hire individuals who will conduct SkillSphere’s different educational programmes, and develop, update and manage content for our different curriculums and online resource base. The individuals need to be graduates in any field of study (arts, commerce, engineering, management etc.). While prior teaching or content development experience is not a prerequisite, it certainly is an added advantage. The individuals will be based out of Mumbai and must be willing to travel to different cities across India to conduct short-term workshops/educational programmes.

A Typical Week in the Life of a Trainer and Content Manager would include:

  • Traveling to different educational institutions across the city and conducting educational programmes/events/other initiatives.
  • Updating modules in the curriculum for different educational programmes based on recent current affairs and global developments
  • Contributing to SkillSphere’s online resource base by writing articles/developing content for different sections of it and researching on new themes/topics that can be worked upon
  • Basic public and client relations during visits for conducting educational programmes
  • Completing all follow-up work including drafting reports and studying feedback forms associated with different workshops/programmes/events
  • Conducting demo sessions/information presentations to publicize SkillSphere’s initiatives and programmes in institutions/centers across the country as and when required

What Should You Be Good at?

  • Communication skills. You must be able to speak freely and confidently with any person right from 8 to 80 years of age
  • Global, national, and general awareness. More importantly, you must be adept at keeping abreast with important developments in the world via the internet, newspapers etc.
  • Public speaking. While we don’t expect you to be a Barack Obama, you should not suffer from stage fright or a complete lack of confidence when it comes to speaking in front of crowds. If this is not a problem, don’t worry about other nuances of public speaking. You will be trained comprehensively for conducting workshops/educational programmes/events
  • You must be passionate about the field of education and teaching students. We are looking for people who are motivated about influencing social change through skill set development
  • Basic content development and writing skills. Once again, we shall be refining them and training you for content development and management. Don’t worry!
  • Interpersonal skills and collaboration

If You are Good at These, then it is an Added Advantage!

  • Networking
  • Social media management
  • Conceptualizing and developing curriculums Skills:- Public Relations, public speaking and Training & Development

SkillSphere Education

SkillSphere Education is a pan Asian educational organization headquartered in Mumbai, India. Established in 2013 by Anansh Prasad, an alumnus of Cornell University, USA, SkillSphere focuses on the development of 21st century skills among individuals right from Grade 3 onwards. Some of these skills include communication, general knowledge, leadership, entrepreneurship, design thinking, problem solving etc. Primarily operating in the K12 education sector, it is endorsed by some of the most renowned educators globally. Through a plethora of educational programmes, knowledge oriented events and learning initiatives conducted online and offline, SkillSphere has impacted the lives of 75000+ students in 35+ cities and 200+ educational institutes across Asia since its inception. Its unique approach to soft skill development (3D Model) which involves a perfect blend of theoretical, practical and experiential learning, is what makes SkillSphere stand out. In 2017, SkillSphere was also recognized by the Indian Government's DIPP as an officially recognized startup in the field of education. With an eclectic team of 80+ individuals, SkillSphere Education continues to traverse newer paths in the field of co-curricular learning keeping a very simple objective in mind - helping students express themselves, gain confidence and emerge! SkillSphere is one of the largest organizations in its area of skill set development operating in the K12 sector of education. In 2018, it also began operations in the B2C sector catering directly to students beyond schools. Since December 2019, it has started online skill set development programmes which have been extremely well received across the globe. SkillSphere Education now envisages to become the largest soft skill development organization both online and offline in its area of expertise by December 2021. Do check our LinkedIn page from time to time for enlightening skill set development videos, general awareness updates etc.!