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Community Manager

Full Time
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The role will require you to manage and engage with our User community comprising primarily of Moms with 2-6 year old kids. You will be expected to:

  • Manage multiple WhatsApp groups(60-70) throughout the day.
  • Post daily content in these groups in a specified manner.
  • Acknowledge/respond to member queries within 5 minutes during working hours.
  • Talk to members one-on-one, get regular feedback and share insights with product development team.
  • Use Google Sheets/Docs etc to edit the content to be posted, wherever required.

Desired Skills and Experience

Customer Interaction,Customer Relationship,Customer Service,Key Account Management


Litifer is a Gurgaon (India) based VC funded startup by IIT Roorkee alumni, operating under the brand name 'Hoggy'. With an existing user community of 10k+ Moms on Whatsapp, it is now building a platform for Content Creators monetize existing & new content, by helping them make their content saleable to their subscribers easily.