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Community Development Manager

Full Time
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India On-site



With its mission to bring counseling in every school, the IC3 Movement, at its core, is dedicated to helping young people across the globe find career paths through education that will lead to fulfilled, happy and productive lives. Comprising four key, volunteer-driven initiatives — the Annual IC3 Conference, IC3 Regional Forums, IC3 Live, and the IC3 Institute — the IC3 Movement aims to empower every school to run a robust, fully functioning, career and college counseling department.

Inclusion and access are at the very heart of IC3. Propelled by its volunteer-based leadership community, consisting of 650+ volunteers from education and industry, IC3 is dedicated to supporting counseling in every school through research and through free education and training for teachers, counselors and principals. The IC3 Movement now engages educators and leaders across 90+ countries.

Learn more at www.ic3movement.com


This position will contribute to the creation and enhancement of an inspired culture of service across the IC3 Movement. Moreover, this position will be responsible for managing and executing plans for the engagement and growth of IC3’s volunteer community, primarily consisting of IC3 Advocates and IC3 Leaders to support initiatives across the Movement – the Annual IC3 Conference, IC3 Regional Forums, IC3 Live, and the IC3 Institute. Reporting to the Director, this position will be responsible for managing the expansion efforts to grow IC3’s global volunteer body from 650 in 2021 to 5000 in 2022.

Individuals can volunteer with IC3 Movement in two ways:

Serving as an IC3 Advocate. Becoming an IC3 Advocate is often the first step to volunteering with IC3. IC3 Advocates are individuals who support the mission of counseling in every school in an individual capacity, committing to one small act of change every two weeks. Anyone – educators, parents, business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and students – can be an IC3 Advocate.

Serving as an IC3 Leader. IC3 Leaders are committee-based volunteers, specifically coming from the education community – high schools, universities, and educational organizations, and volunteering two hours every week to support the mission.


  • Collaborate with Director of Community Development to develop and implement a strategy to grow IC3’s global volunteer community in accordance with vision and mission
  • Organize and manage volunteer engagement activities that help IC3 Movement to achieve relevant goals
  • Assist in developing, implementing, and refining processes related to the recruitment, engagement, and assessment of the global volunteer community
  • Maintain an active, visible presence within the global volunteer community
  • Implement engaging training and onboarding programs for all volunteers in a timely manner
  • Support the Director of Community Development to cultivate and foster collaborative, productive, and professional partnerships
  • Collaborate effectively with IC3 team, i.e. communications team, to implement a comprehensive communication plan to support the recruitment and engagement of volunteers
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of a system of recognition and expressions of gratitude for volunteers
  • Assist in the creation and execution of a formal system of evaluation to assess and enhance the impact of the global volunteer community


EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 5+ years of strong experience, including relationship maintenance, outreach, CSR, and volunteer management. Knowledge of the international higher education key players and networks shall be preferred.

SKILLS: The candidate should have experience in relationship maintenance and volunteer management.

•      Service mindset

•      Inspirational and motivational leadership qualities

•      Excellent public speaking skills

•      Global mindset and experience working with partners on an international platform

•      Excellent interpersonal skills

•      Excellent writing and communication skills

•      Fierce attention to detail

•      Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment

•      Polished and professional demeanor with great flexibility and openness to feedback

•      The ability to work independently and as part of a team

•      Self-motivation

This role will require on-site campus visits, presentations to senior institutional officers, presentations at national/regional-level conferences, regular follow-up with clients onsite and through telecommunication, etc.

CONTACT: hr@ic3conference.com

IC3 Movement

TRANSFORMING LIVES GLOBALLY THROUGH CAREER AND COLLEGE COUNSELING. Through events like the IC3 Conference, IC3 Regional Forums, and IC3 Live, we aim to sensitize leaders of educational institutions around the world to the need and criticality of a robust career and college counseling department: for high school leaders to invest in the setup and maintenance of this office in their schools, and for university leaders to take a counseling-oriented approach to recruitment and outreach. Responsible counseling is about helping students find answers to three important questions: 1. What to study, 2. Where to study, and 3. How to make it happen. Counseling should not only manage the process of applying but more importantly provide guidance for students in making these important decisions.